Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why blog? Because Sharing Means Caring

I’m no Oprah Winfrey (one can only aspire). I am simply a girl who want to be as happy and as good as I can be. We all do. But sometimes I’m not happy at all. Sometimes I’m depressed, discontent, bummed-out, grumpy, pissy, angry, hurt, or broken-hearted...which is GREAT, because those feelings remind me that I’m alive. The real tricky trick, I’ve learned, is recognizing those emotions as something functional and purposeful so that I can keep on trucking toward Happy Town. 

“But Tiffany!” you shout, “how will I find my way to Happy Town?! I don’t even have a map...or any info to plug into a freaking awesome technological device that will tell me exactly how to get there, turn by turn!!”  Well, there is no one way. There are many, many ways. Do I know them all? Shoot no. But I am trying to find the way that works best for me. 
One of the best things about being a human is that we can read books. There are a lot of books written by a lot of wise people about living your best life. (I swear! You can learn so much from reading! No seriously, turn off your TV). We can also watch documentaries, and listen to lectures, and talk to old people in the grocery store, and go to art museums, and do a plethora of other things that can provide us with tidbits of philosophical awesomeness. These sources, and many others, are the wellsprings in which I’ve just recently learned to tap into, and I have decidedly decided to share it all with you, blog reader person. 

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